About me

Te whakapapa a te tito waiata” – Piripi Whaanga
“Philosophy of music life worlds

Central to my thinking is a holistic approach to life and living through speech acts and music performance. The intention is to communicate enjoyment of life and the observations of how life can be lived more deeply and fully. This is done by BEING the goal.

In the present context of my life, this takes the form of discourse about the nature of culture in Aotearoa; that is the norms and lore native to, developed by Pakeha and Maori settlements and interaction. Discourse is written articles, composed songs in traditional and contemporary genres, as well as teaching and debate.
It could be called New Zealander studies, transcultural enlightenment music, Aotearoa roots for people wanting to come home to themselves.

It’s a fresh way of seeing yourself in Aotearoa as a native.

Educational focus: New Zealander studies to replace or extend Treaty workshops with contemporary interaction and entertainment. Provision of discussion material and research articles incorporating sociological,political, anthropological, philosophical, socio-linguistic, cultural and spiritual perspective.
It’s a fresh way of seeing yourself in Aotearoa as a native.

Genre: Acoustic roots mainly in folk/blues idiom.
Eight CD’s including over 80 original compositions in Maori, English,Papa New Guinean, and Solomon Island dialects are available.